Hiding in the Comments



*sigh* I’m sorry for not being on as much guys…

I’m just…. Not feeling well anymore. About tumblr anyway. I mean, I don’t have the drive to be on here anymore, so my current motivation levels are at 0.

I feel bad about saying it but I’ve found much better things to do with my time. Nice things. Less opinionated things. Fun things. More interesting things. Imaginary things.

I’ll stop that now.

But I guess the whole point is, I’m kinda done with tumblr. I had hoped that this site would last longer with me but I really don’t know what to do with it anymore. Project Underworld was my last resort to talk about or something. I can’t please you people anymore because what you guys might want and what I want have become two completely different coins entirely.

I really am sorry for anyone who cares but… I’m just not good with social network sites, I guess. I think I’ve said that before… So… So long. Farewell…

*in my two old friends’ minds* oh god not another original story that’s what like 24 now that she’s made?

*sarcastically* what an interesting new concept I can’t wait for you to actually write it and make it legit

*to each other* let’s talk about our OCs and how adorable they are~



Good night guys~

Also yes, I am starting an anime marathon of all the shows recommended to me.

I just haven’t been on here because of it to talk about them~

Hmmmnnn also I’ve lost a lot of followers recently, and though one of them was kinda not nice, I kinda wish the number would stop dropping because I like knowing that people enjoy at least some of my stupidity.

I sound like a general jerk or something right now, don’t I?



So seeing as there’s been a ton of announcements today from Nintendo and all that, I’ll just talk about my own announcement. Aka the thing I wanted to talk about when I said I was back but didn’t.

Over the final few days I was on Tumblr hiatus, I was thinking up a lot of AUs and one that came to mind was really interesting to me. So I’ve decided to spend my time working on Project Underworld, or that’s what I’m calling it.

It’s a new universe that I created from an AU idea based off of the reapers from Soul Eater, sort of, and Hogwarts from Harry Potter, though I’m trying to add my own original ideas to it so I hope it looks nothing like either of them.

Though it does seem kind of dumb- if that’s the right word- for me to say this but I plan on making it into a series that I want to publish. I have a clear idea as to what happens in the books I’ve already planned, but I’m not sure whether to make it mature or not. I have debated with using things like swear words but I dunno. Really this side track seems redundant so I’m just gonna get back on track.

I have already a few main characters with names and special types and stuff for them so this is good. I made a sort of world for them but it’s not all that well fabricated, since it kind of overlaps with our world in a weird way.

Really I’m not sure where any of this announcement is going, and I really want everyone to know so I’m not putting any of this under a read more. I have more ideas, but until I feel like they’re good, I don’t really want to… I dunno, write them down? I’ve written them down so it seems kind of stupid to say that. Maybe talk about it, but I wanna talk with anyone who’s interested in learning about the project and wants to put in some of their own ideas or opinions.

I really just want to get this really deadly cool world out there to you guys because I have so much planned but nothing to really keep me on track. Like, I need you people to help my confidence and motivation because I have some, but not a lot.

Please? I know I sound even more needy than usual since my absence, but guys I really LOVE this idea and I actually want to make something out of this.

Jun 9

alexs-moon-garden said: Its not necessarily completed yet, but you could try watching Mekakucity Actors (Kageru Project) its a series based off of a manga based off of a series of music. It’s pretty interesting.

Ah~ I’ve actually never heard of that. Interesting~ I might just look into it~ thank you, friend~

Jun 9

As a side note, if you guys ever find someone named Zombal or Kiddo on PMU, say hi because friendship~

Jun 8

(Optional) I'm so insecure and dumb. Save me!




I want to take the time to just talk. Talk about anything and everything and just ramble. Cuz that’s fun.

You guys can put input on anything, because I might be dumb but I dunno.

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Princess Tutu is a great anime if you’re into fairy tales…

Ah~ thank you, friend~ I’ve watched Ouran already, but the others I’ve only ever heard of. I’ve actually been recommended princess tutu and fruits basket before by my friends and both of them look interesting so I might watch them~

Jun 8

(Optional) I’m so insecure and dumb. Save me!


I want to take the time to just talk. Talk about anything and everything and just ramble. Cuz that’s fun.

You guys can put input on anything, because I might be dumb but I dunno.

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